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Skiathos Airport Arrivals

Skiathos Island National Airport (IATA: JSI, ICAO: LGSK) is situated at the eastern tip of the island. It is built on reclaimed land between the island of Skiathos and the smaller island of Lazareta.
Skiathos Airport is owned and operated by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority. It was constructed in the 1970s as part of the Greek Governments plan for tourist expansion. At this time it was privately operated by Olympic Aviation, a company owned by Aristotle Onassis, and operated by his son. As the Greek islands became a popular holiday destination, and low cost air travel expanded throughout western Europe, the airstrip quickly became a viable commercial venture.
Skiathos Airport now handles upwards of 20,000 domestic and 230,000 international passengers per year. The numbers are increasing annually by about 1.5% annum, and plans are agreed to further expand the airport, providing far better access to a higher volume of larger, modern international aircraft.

The airport was expanded in 1984 with improved facilities and functionality but little has changed since then. When you arrive there will be a short walk across the tarmac from the aircraft parking bay, to the arrivals area. There are limited toilet facilities, the baggage reclaim belt, and little else in the

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Skiathos Airport Departure

Much like arrivals if you are on a package tour your luggage may arrive at the airport by truck, check this with your rep. When you arrive at the airport for departure things work slightly different, all luggage will be X-rayed, and this is done prior to booking in.
As you enter the departure area the scanners are on the left, you will need to have your luggage X-rayed then take it to the check-in desk to have it weighed and accepted. Once checked in things are also a little different.
The biggest thing to remember about Skiathos departure lounge is that it is small and hot, so before you head off into the departure lounge see how much time you have before your flight, once you have passed though immigration into the departure lounge you can not come out, facilities inside are limited to a small toilet area, a reasonable number of seats, a food and drink bar (very expensive for chocolate and sweets) and a 'duty free style shopping area' the lounge does have WI-FI which is free for the first 15 minutes and then needs to be paid for.

The better option by far is to wait outside at one of the bars, you can see your aircraft arrive, it takes around an hour to disgorge it's passengers and turnaround. So spending your waiting time out in the sun watching the world go by is a much nicer option., click here

Skiathos Airport Transfers

arrivals lounge. Luggage trolleys are available in the area at no charge. Package tour transfer busses are normally found directly outside the main arrivals doors, the tour company rep's will also be found in that area, or across the road that runs directly outside. Dependent on the resort and hotel that you have chosen your luggage may be loaded onto the coach with you, or onto a truck that will take it onwards to your hotel. Be prepared that it may be some time before you and your luggage are reunited.

Independent travelers should find the taxis directly outside the arrivals door, when a flight is due in, they just turn up.