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Skiaths Car Hire

If your plans only include visiting Skiathos Town or the beaches along the southern side of the island, and your hotel is situated on the bus route, then there really is little need to hire a car. Parking in town and at some of the resorts is very limited during the peak holiday season, and in general it is far less trouble to just get a taxi.

But you will miss some of the great areas of Skiathos, most of the north side of the island can only be reached by private transport, and in many instances only with a 4X4, bear this in mind when hiring a vehicle. If you wish to go to the Kastro then nothing less than a 4X4 Jeep is recommended many of the roads are built with rock that becomes very slippery, and is not really suitable for tackling with a scooter or motorcycle.

There a great number of vehicle hire companies on Skiathos, all will require that you have a full uk licence for the vehicle that you are hiring.

Here are a few more requirements:-

  • All drivers must be over 21 years of age.
  • Some companies require the paper part of your photo licence also  
  • Take your passport with you to the hire office, you may need it
  • You will need a full licence for the type of vehicle you are hiring

Also things to bear in mind:-

  • Drive on the right
  • Always have your driving license and car hire agreement with you
  • As in the UK seat belts are compulsory for the driver and all passengers  
  • There are a limited number of petrol stations and some close Sundays
  • The local police will have speed traps along the main road quite often
  • The speed limit is KMPH not MPH
  • Drink driving is an offense and will not be tolerated
  • You will stand out as a holiday-maker
  • The tracks over the hills and in the north can be treacherous
  • In resorts at night the pedestrians may well have had 2 too many
  • Goats, sheep and donkeys have the right of way
  • Unless you speak and read Greek take a map
  • No ..... the guy in front has no idea where he is going