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Skiathos Taxis

The silver taxis of Skiathos will be seen traveling up and down the main coastal road at all times of the day and night, the drivers are all members of the Skiathos Taxi Union, which has provided a regulated, safe system of transportation for visitors to Skiathos Island since 1986. The main rank is in Skiathos town at the new port, it is on the seaward side of the road along the front of the town, about 50 meter from the bus terminal, taxis are available 24 hours a day.

The Greek ministry of transport sets the amount that taxis can charge per kilometer in Skiathos, and all over Greece. On asphalt roads, drivers can charge a different amount than on unpaved roads, for this reason it is always advisable to agree your fare before you get into the car. Skiathos taxi drivers are normally very good and will take you almost anywhere on the island.

Skiathos Taxis

Skiathos taxis may not accept animals you need to discuss this with the driver or call the booking office to arrange this in advance. The booking office can be contacted on 0030 24270 24461

If you book though a third party prior to arriving in Skiathos, you can expect to pay substantially more than you would if you pick up a taxi at the airport taxi rank. By far the cheapest way to get a cab is to hail one that you see traveling along the road. Always remember to negotiate your fare before getting into the car.

One more oddity on Skiathos, if you are stood at a bus stop, an empty (or half full) cab may stop and offer to take you onwards to your destination, remember that you may be sharing your ride with total strangers. Negotiate the price accordingly (it should be very close to the bus fare).

Skiathos Taxis

Once again though, you should agree exactly were the driver is going to drop you, it is not unusual to have a fairly lengthy walk up a dirt track to your destination if you haven't previously agreed that the driver will take you all the way.

The fare from Skiathos Town (Taxi rank) - to bus stop 22 ( near the Skiathos Palace Hotel ) is about 18 €. There are also additional costs.