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Troulos is not really a village it's more of an area between Skiathos Town and Koukounaries. Found two thirds of the way along the main bus route on the southern coast of Skiathos, Troulos is almost empty out of season. With exception of some of the small supermarkets and fuel station the shops many hotels, restaurants and taverns don't really open until late May. There are a good number of hotels, in the area and a reasonable selection of fairly good restaurants. At bus stop (18) near hotel Skiathos Premier there is a Y junction, traveling west from Skiathos Town the main route continues on along the coast to Koukounaries, the right hand fork off of the main road heads north inland towards the dog shelter, Skiathos Panagia Eikonistria Monastery, and Aselinos beach. More hotels and restaurants can be found up this road for about 1km, then it becomes less populated. The road is paved for most of it's length unless you turn off for Aselinos beach at which time you will need a 4X4, motorcycle, or mountain bike.
There is really only one beach in Troulos and that is Troulos Bay. The beach is accessed via a small paved road heading south about 200m. The road can easily be missed, located between bus stops 19 and 20 almost opposite the road for the Astoria Hotel, at the entrance is a small bar and supermarket.
There is a hotel on one side of the road that faces onto the beach (Troulos Bay Hotel), on the opposite side of the road are a couple of small beach-front restaurants.

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Shops and stores can be found around the junction at bus stop 18 including two supermarkets, a car / motorcycle / ATV hire, and Vareli restaurant. Following the main bus route toward Koukounaries you will pass a number of restaurants 'Salt and Pepper' on the left, 'Apaloosa Bar (Captain Nikos)', 'Zorba's', 'Green Meadow' and 'Nectar and Amvrosia' on the right. The fuel station for the area, next to a small supermarket and car hire. Here you will also find the only ATM in Troulos. Then there is a short walk towards Bus stop 20 where you will find the 'Frog bar' and a small supermarket. If you were to take the right hand fork at bus stop 18, there are a few restaurants on this road including 'Ratatouille Taverna -Grill House' and 'Christakis Sports Bar and Taverna'. On both sides of this road are hotels and guest houses. Troulos is a fairly good base to explore Skiathos and has good access to some of the better beaches, Troulos bay itself is hard to fault the only possible problem is that it will get quite cool there in the early season if northerly winds come down over the hills behind. As with most of Skiathos from late May onwards mosquitos can be a pest, so take added precautions. There are also a substantial amount of other flying bugs and bees that you may not be used to, as this is still a fairly busy agricultural area

Troulos Bay

The small crescent shaped sandy beach at Troulos Bay is very good, it is located in a bay sheltered by cliffs to the east and west, the north western end of the beach is protected by hills. the water is clear and calm for most of the time protected to a small amount by the rocky islet in the bay, the sea bed is sandy with a fairly gentle slope. Sun beds are available on the beach unfortunately taking up much of central space but there are free areas on the outer edges and near the water. Pine tree lined cliffs enclose the beach at either end and the bay itself is overlooked by pine forests on the hills to the north west.